Brass Quick Connector Set

Brass Quick Connector Set
Brass Quick Connector Set
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No water hose should be without quick connects!

Shave a few minutes off your detailing process with the Brass Quick Connector Set. These solid brass connectors allow you to switch hose accessories in seconds, rather than minutes. Just pull back on the rubber ring to release the nozzle you’re using and pop another attachment in place. Its that fast and easy!

With the Brass Quick Connector Set, connecting a hose to a spigot takes one second and you can do it with one hand. You’ll get a perfect connection every time and no water sprayed in your eye. Screw the male connector onto the hose and the female connector onto the spigot, and you’ll never have to struggle with the hose connection again.

Many detailers use quick connectors to switch out detailing tools quickly. For example, if you use a Foamaster foam gun and a pressure washer hose attachment, attach quick connectors on each device and then one on the hose end. To switch attachments, just pull apart the quick connectors and pop the second attachment in place. This eliminates the need to screw and unscrew the hose every time you need to switch attachments.

The quick connects can also be used to quickly connect and disconnect your Clear Inline Hose Filter as needed. This is particularly convenient if you need to free up your hose to water plants or hose off the driveway.

The Brass Connector Set is made of solid brass with rubber grips for easy handling with wet hands. If you accidentally bump your paint with the connectors, the rubber will cushion the blow.

The connectors are built for long-term use. Because they are brass, they can withstand hot water and high water pressure.

Save yourself the time and frustration of screwing and unscrewing the hose from the spigot or hose attachments with the Brass Quick Connector Set.

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