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Cotton Detailing Sticks

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A good idea, becomes a great idea! One hundred detailing swabs for five bucks$!

When perfection is the goal, these 3" long cotton-tipped swabs are the ultimate double-edged sword against trapped dirt and grime. Tapered to a fine point at one end and flattened at the other, reaching into the “impossible” gaps, is no longer impossible. The lint-free constructed flexible cotton swabs dislodge and remove stubborn particles that insist on finding their way into the most difficult spots to get at. Brushes simply move them around, or altogether can’t free wedged crumbs, lint and dirt. These are sturdy enough to knock loose obstinate tidbits that prevent your car from achieving perfection.

Finally, a simple little finishing tool for detailing the tiniest of places: 100 soft, gentle cotton swabs in a pack, geared towards cleaning corners, cracks and crannies. Dust that accumulates in crevasses of your consul, dash, electronics, gear shift and slews of other places doesn’t stand a chance. These handy guys are also useful for removing wax and polish residue, dirt and grime from around emblems, side moldings and such.

For unsurpassed cleaning or protection, dip them the appropriate product for the job to apply with precision. For example, I am a fanatic about leather protection. I never condition my seats without using the flat end to apply the conditioner around the seams, and back into the impossible to reach area between the top and bottom cushions. After I buff away the conditioner, I carefully trace over the seams to be sure there is no conditioner build-up to gunk-up the threads. This is just one of dozens of uses, and at just $4.95 per 100, they’re great to have among your detailing supplies. The resealable bag they come in keeps them clean and dust-free. If you’re very frugal, you may reuse them by rinsing well with water after use. Store in an airtight bag. When you want to use them again, treat the tips with a spot remover, and they’re like new! Keep a pack in your home, one in your boat, and one in the RV.



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