Cyclo Pad Covers (Bonnets)

Cyclo Pad Covers (Bonnets)
High quality bonnets in microfiber and cotton terry made just for the Cyclo.

Bonnets, pad covers – whatever! Cyclo’s version of cotton and microfiber bonnets are ideal for buffing away waxes, glazes, and polishes to reveal a show car shine. These bonnets are soft, well-made, and they fit onto the Cyclo’s 4 inch pads perfectly. What more could you ask for?

The bonnets are made to fit snugly over the 4 inch pads. Both the microfiber suede and terry bonnets have elastic cuffs to hold them securely in place. They will not fly off, bunch, or tear – that’s a promise!

Important: always put the bonnets over foam pads, not directly onto the rubber pad holders. The foam will provide a cushion between the paint and the pad holder to prevent scratches and marring.

Choose from two varieties:

Microfiber Suede: This is the softest fabric of the two pad covers. The microfiber is manufactured to mimic the softness of suede. Use this pad cover for final buffing after you have removed the wax residue. It will pick up any remaining dust and gently buff your paint to a glossy shine.

Cotton Terry: The 100% cotton pad cover is ideal for removing dried polishes and waxes, and gentle polishing. The hooked fibers are excellent at removing residue and gently polishing the paint surface. Cyclo also says it can be used to clean interior surfaces.

Remember, you will need two pads and two pad covers on one Cyclo. They are sold individually so be sure to select 2 in the quantity box.

Use Cyclo’s own quality-made Pad Covers to give your vehicle a beautiful shine without tedious hand-buffing. Save yourself time and effort with Cyclo!
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