Detailing Brush Kit

Detailing Brush Kit
Detailing Brush Kit
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Three brushes for those who demand the greatest attention to details!

The Detailing Brush Kit has been assembled by experts and is intended for those who demand the best for their car. If you desire a spotless interior with factory new look down to every last detail, you’ll need to add these three versatile brushes to your detailing supplies to attain your goal. The well-constructed brushes, all with half-inch bristles, have finger grooves for non-slippage use.

Horsehair Brush
The horsehair brush is great for all interior detailing needs. It whisks away all traces of dust, dirt, and crumbs from the tight spaces that you couldn’t otherwise touch. Its soft, gentle bristles reach into cracks, crevices and crannies to dislodge the particles that make their home in the most inconvenient places.

Nylon Brush
The nylon brush is designed for removing wax residue around emblems, molding, and anywhere else it may collect. Of course this is only one of its many uses. It also is handy to use for interior detailing.

Brass Brush
The brass brush has extra sturdy bristles for cleaning the most baked-on, caked-on grime on engine parts. You can’t find a better tool for getting at those hard to reach places under your hood.

Poly-Foam Tipped Swab
A poly-foam tipped swab with a 5” handle is included for good measure. You’ll find 101 different uses for it.

If you insist on a level of perfection equal or exceeding what you’d get from a professional detail, make the Detailing Brush Kit part of your collection of detailing supplies.

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