Edge2K Drive DA Adaptor (Porter Cable 7424XP)

Edge2K Drive DA Adaptor (Porter Cable 7424XP)
Edge2K Drive DA Adaptor (Porter Cable 7424XP)
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No backing plate - no dangerous edges!

Simply screw The Edge 2000 Quick-Connect Adapter onto your high-speed buffer or dual action polisher and you're ready to begin saving money with our amazing Edge™ 2000™ Premium Quick-Connect Buffing System.

  • release button for instant pad changes
  • chrome-plated, solid machined brass
  • hex connector anchors Edge™ 2000™ pads firmly for all cutting and buffing tasks.
  • plate inside each Edge™ 2000™ pad locks onto adapter, prevents it from touching car's surface

    To change pads, press the release button at the end of the adapter and pop off the pad. Snap on a new pad (or flip the double-sided pad you're using) and continue buffing and polishing.

    (This Adaptor fits the Porter Cable 7424 & 7424XP)

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