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The Edge 2000 Wave 6 inch Foam DA Pads

The Edge 2000 Wave 6 inch Foam DA Pads
The waves provide superior venting to prevent heat build-up!

The new wave in machine detailing is The Edge 2000 Wave Foam Pads! The unique design of these foam pads allows heat to escape from the pad to reduce the risk of burning the paint. Novice and experienced detailers alike are enjoying the benefits of this unusual wave shape.

The surface of each pad looks and feels like egg crate bedding. As the pad rotates on the polisher, the high points maintain constant contact with the paint surface to blend away imperfections. The valleys in the foam provide excellent venting to reduce the risk of burning the paint. The Edge 2000 Wave Foam Pads provide the same polishing ability as the original Edge 2000 pads plus a smart wave texture.

The Edge 2000 Wave Foam Pads are the only double-sided wave pads you can buy. They attach to your polisher by way of a Quick Connect Adapter. Simply screw the adapter into your Porter Cable 7424XP and pop the 6 inch pad in place. When one side becomes soiled, push the button on the end of the adapter to release the pad. Flip the pad and continue polishing!

The Edge 2000 Wave Foam Pads are always perfectly balanced because the pads are held in place by a center adapter. The pads are always centered, balanced and lay flat on the paint surface. All Edge pads are made of top quality polyester foam that is both durable and flexible.

The Edge 2000 6 inch Wave Foam Pads will fit on any polisher with the appropriate adapter. We recommend using the 6 inch pads with a dual action polisher. If you are shopping for pads for your rotary polisher, check out The Edge 2000 8 inch Wave Foam Pads.

The pads come in these varieties:

Edge 2000 Wave Pads

White Ultrafine Finishing Pad
The white pad is ultra smooth and ultra soft. The white pad leaves a bold, crystalline gloss on new and just-detailed vehicles. Apply waxes, sealants, and glazes with the white pad.

The Edge 2000 Wave Foam 6 inch Pads make paint correction easy with a wavy texture that allows heat to escape. With the Quick Connect Adapter System and double-sided foam, these pads are the next big wave in machine detailing!


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