The Edge Pads Circular Polishing Guide

<font color=red>The Edge</font> Pads Circular Polishing Guide

Learn how to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation using your circular polisher, also known as a rotary polisher. This guide will explain what Edge pads should be used for each step of the detailing process and we'll give you our top recommendations of swirl removers, polishes, and last step products.

The Edge 2000 System offers a lot of options. Here's a rundown of the features and the pads..

The Edge 2000 Pads Key Features:

No backing plate! The Edge pads attach to your polisher using a Quick Connect Adapter that pops into the center of the pad. The connection is very secure and, because the adapter is in the center of the pad, the pad is always balanced.

Double-sided. Since the pads do not require a backing plate, both sides are usable. Instead of buying two single-sided white pads, you buy one Edge white pad.

Versatile. All The Edge pads work with any polisher. You can use 6 inch pads on your rotary polisher; just be sure you have the Edge Rotary Drive Adapter. You can use the same pads on your dual action polisher with the Edge DA Drive Adapter. One set of pads works with both types of polisher. All you have to change is the adapter.

Many varieties to choose from: The Edge pads are available in flat and Wave foam, as well as 6 inch and 8 inch. The popular choice for circular polishers is the 8 inch pads.

Flat foam: Provides constant contact with the paint. The 6 inch pads have a rounded edge. The 8 inch pads have a beveled edge that polishes easily between and around the vehicle's exterior features.

The Edge Wave Foam: The convoluted design allows a constant flow of air through the pad's valleys. This reduces heat and minimizes the risk of burning the paint. This safety feature comes in handy when using a rotary because the high speed, centralized motion of rotary polishers is more likely to burn the paint than a dual action. Edge Wave Foam is currently available in 6 inch pads.

Beyond just size and wavy or flat, you now have to choose what type of foam will work on the vehicle at hand. Here are your choices:

Edge 8" Black DuraFoam Pad Black Heavy Cutting DuraFoam 8 inch Pad This is the most aggressive pad and is used for restoration of badly pitted, oxidized paint finishes. It is designed to cut through damaged paint in preparation for refinishing. The black pad should not be used on new or like-new finishes.
Edge 8" Yellow DuraFoam Pad Yellow Cutting DuraFoam 8 Inch Pad This pad is aggressive, and will cut through deep surface marks and swirls. They work well on heavy oxidation and pitted finishes, and will remove wet sand scratches without causing burning.
Edge 8" Green DuraFoam Pad Green Medium Cutting DuraFoam 8 Inch Pad This pad is useful for light oxidation and moderate to severe swirls and imperfections. This pad will yield amazing results on older vehicles, and should be used on vehicles with moderate swirls and imperfections. Add a compound or pre-wax cleaner for a flawless finish on base coats.
Edge 8" Blue DuraFoam Pad
Blue Finishing DuraFoam 8
Inch Pad This pad is great for everyday use. It will leave surface areas scratch-free and smooth while still removing light swirls and imperfections. Use with wax and polish to apply a fine gloss. Safe on clear coats.
Edge 8" White DuraFoam Pad White Ultrafine Polishing DuraFoam 8 Inch Pad This ultra-smooth polishing pad contains 80 pores per inch, allowing for fine polishing which creates a bold, crystalline gloss Use this pad to apply waxes, polishes and sealants. Safe on clear coats.

Edge 2000 Drive Adapter 5/8" Thread for rotary polishers, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi professional polishers


Edge 2K Drive Adapter 5/8 Inch Thread  The Edge 2000 Quick-Connect Adaptor fits the PorterCable 7428, Makita 9227, and Dewalt DWP849. It is made of chrome-plated machined brass with a spring-loaded HexLoc anchor that's compatible with all Edge 2000 pads.



The Edge gives you lots of choices! We'll break it down to the necessities:

For a circular polisher, this is the most popular line-up: The Edge 2K Drive Adapter 5/8 Inch Thread, a green pad for swirl removal, a blue pad for a finishing polish, and a white pad for wax application. Now you're ready to get started.

How do I polish out swirls and scratches?

The following is a general guide to polishing. It will take you from compounding to polishing to finishing. If your paint problems do not require compounding, skip to polishing. If you’re not sure, start with polishing. Always take the least aggressive approach first! If you don’t get the desired results from polishing, then use a swirl remover and light cutting pad.

The pads pictured at the beginning of each section indicate what type of foam can be used to perform the job described. The standard Edge 2000 flat pads and Wave pads are all made of the same types of foam. The colors indicate the same "cut" within all three pad collections.

Please note:  If your fingernail catches the scratch or swirl, it will require painting and must be repaired by a professional. Attempting to remove deep blemishes like this could result in cutting down to the primer, which would be an expensive repair.


Edge 8" Black DuraFoam Pad

Edge 8" Green DuraFoam Pad

Edge 8" Yellow DuraFoam Pad


I. Compounding & Swirl Removal

Compounding involves using the most aggressive type of swirl remover, called a compound. Swirl removers can range from light to heavy. The application is the same.

The Edge 2000 Green Pad is a medium cutting foam pad for moderate swirl removal.1. In the picture to below, this is a serious case of swirls. Choose a green medium cutting pad and a swirl remover such as Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0.

2. Apply a bead of swirl remover around the edge of  the pad. Some will say apply a quarter size amount. You can even apply it directly to the paint. Ultimately you're going to spread it around so how the swirl remover gets on the paint is up to you. Spread the swirl remover over a small section  (about 2 x 2 sq. ft.) with the polisher turned off to prevent sling.

3. Set the maximum speed at 1200-1800 RPM. Turn the polisher on and work the swirl remover in a side to side, overlapping motion. Move slowly to give the abrasives time to work. KEEP THE POLISHER MOVING AT ALL TIMES.

This image shows a red BMW before Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 and after.4. When the swirl remover turns to a transparent film, the abrasives have broken down. Turn off the machine and lift it off the paint. Buff away the residue with a soft, Cobra Microfiber Towel and inspect your results. If you are not satisfied, repeat the process. Some imperfections may require that you upgrade to a more aggressive pad.

Oftentimes, Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 will leave the finish smooth enough to go straight to waxing, by most standards. But, if you want the deepest, most reflective shine,
use Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0.

Edge 8" Blue DuraFoam PadII. Polishing

Polishing improves the smoothness and gloss of the paint. Use Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3.0  if you’ve just compounded or if the paint just needs a boost..

Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3.0 and Finishing Glaze 3.0 are both made in association with Menzerna of Germany.1. Use the blue polishing pad on your polisher. Apply the polish of your choice to the pad or to the paint and spread it around with the machine turned off.

2. Set the maximum speed to about 1000-1200 RPM. You're not trying to cut. You're just trying to burnish the paint to a high gloss. Work in a side to side, overlapping motion until the polish turns clear.

3. Buff with a Cobra Microfiber Towel and check your results. If the finish isn't perfectly smooth and clear, repeat the process. This time, be sure that the abrasives are fully broken down before you buff.

Edge 8" White DuraFoam Pad

III. Finishing

If your vehicle is in great shape and you did not need to polish or compound, use Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer  clean the paint and enhancer the gloss. Follow up with a Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 or Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax. Application of any of these products will be as follows. 

1. Attach a white ultrafine polishing pad to your polisher. Apply the product to the paint or to the pad. Spread it around the paint in a 2 x 2 sq. ft. section with the polisher turned off.

2. Set the speed to 1000 RPM. You do not need speed to apply nonabrasive products. Spread the product over the paint until its sufficiently covered. There are no abrasives to break down. You are just trying to get even coverage.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 produces a deep, long-lasting shine.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax offers the protection of a paint sealant and the shine of a carnauba wax.

3. Buff off the product with a Cobra Microfiber Towel.

* Because these products do not need to be "broken down," many detailers prefer to apply them by hand. To do so, use a clean foam applicator. Read specific product directions for cure times, etc.

Detailing Tips:
  • The polisher will do the work for you. There's no need to apply pressure.
  • Pad and product selection is not an exact science. The severity of the imperfections, the cut of the pad, and the aggressiveness of the product all factor into the final results. Don't be afraid to experiment.
  • Start with the least aggressive method first. Go to a more aggressive pad or polish only if necessary.

Foam & Wool Pad Cleaning

The easiest way to clean your foam and wool pads is to drop them in pad cleaner while they are still wet with polish or wax. Dried products are more difficult to remove from the pads. To do this, mix up a bucket of water and Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator at the start of your detailing session. As you finish using each pad, drop it in the cleaning solution to soak. When you are finished with your detail, use the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush to agitate the pads. Then rinse the pads and lay out to dry.

When your clean pads are dry, put them in a sealable plastic bag or container to keep them free of dust until their next use.
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