Edge 2000 6'' DA Pads

Edge 2000 6'' DA Pads
These quick-change pads require no backing plate!

The Edge Pads will change the way you think about buffing pads. With a revolutionary Quick Change System, these pads require no backing plate and take only seconds to change. These reticulated polyester urethane foam pads are double-sided, and feature a quick connect/disconnect method of interchanging. You get twice the surface area in one pad and each pad fits your machine like a glove. No slipping, no coming off, and no hook & loop necessary.

The unique design feature of the Edge pads is the Quick Change System. Pads snap into place and will not come off! Just push the release button on the Edge Adapter and the pad pops off. Snap a new pad into place and you’re ready to continue polishing.

The Edge Foam Pad is beveled, allowing for more contoured buffing, especially in areas that formally were only accessible through hand buffing. Now it is possible to machine buff under mirrors and in tight grooves with ease, adding to the advanced scope of these detailing supplies.

Porter Cable using The Edge Da Adaptor with a 8 inch foam padThe thick and durable Edge Foam Pads are double sided, therefore they will last at least twice as long as single sided pads. Economically speaking, they will save money by preventing frequent purchasing of single sided pads. It’s like buying two pads at once.

These innovative pads adapt to any machine buffer. Not only is it now possible to change from a polishing to a cutting pad in seconds, it is now feasible to change pads on any machine buffer, from Porter Cable to Makita. Choose pads that fit your buffer, than use The Edge Quick Change Adapter (sold separately) to snap pads on and off.

Whether the job calls for a light polishing pad to a heavy duty cutting pad, The Edge makes a pad for every purpose. Choose from Ultrafine Polish Pads (80 pores per inch) to Heavy Cut Pads (40 pores per inch) and everything in between. Remember that multiple pads can be purchased, and switched out simply by popping one pad out and replacing it with another. With four choices, you’re sure to find one to suit your vehicle’s needs.

The Edge 2000 DA AdaptorTo change out your Edge Pads, you will need a Quick Change Adapter. Made of chrome-plated, solid machined brass, the adapter will last for years. Screw the adapter onto the polisher, push the release button, and the pad comes off. Below is the Quick Change Adapter for Dual-Action polishers. This adapter works with the Porter Cable 7424XP, and all other DA polishers.

*Remember, no backing plates are necessary. The Edge 2000 Premium Buffing System Foam Pads and Adapters allow you to simplify the polishing process while saving time and money. The future of machine polishing is here.

Below are the four types of Edge pads and their intended applications:

  • Yellow Medium Cut Pad (E-621Z). This pad is useful for light oxidation and moderate to severe swirls and imperfections. This pad will yield amazing results on older vehicles, and should be used on vehicles with moderate swirls and imperfections. Add a compound or pre-wax cleaner for a flawless finish on base coats. 50 pores per inch (ppi)

  • Green Light Cut Pad (E-622Z). This pad is highly versatile, as it can be used on cars with light to moderate swirls and imperfections. We recommend you begin with this pad if you are unsure how deep swirls are, moving up to a Yellow Medium Cut Pad if necessary. Safe on clear coats. 60 pores per inch (ppi)

  • Blue Finishing Pad (E-623Z). This pad is great for everyday use. It will leave surface areas scratch-free and smooth while still removing light swirls and imperfections. Use with wax and polish to apply a fine gloss. Safe on clear coats. 70 pores per inch (ppi)

  • White Ultrafine Polishing Pad (E-624Z). This ultra-smooth polishing pad contains 80 pores per inch, allowing for fine polishing which creates a bold, crystalline gloss. Use this pad to apply waxes, polishes and sealants. Safe on clear coats. 80 pores per inch (ppi)

    See Edge Adapter below.
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