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Hose Coupling Filter Washers

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Catch dirt and debris before it scratches your car!

Water coming out of your outdoor spigot can contain sediment, hard water scale, and even sand. These scratch-inducing particles can be found in well water and city water. If you could easily prevent dirt, sand, and scale from scratching your vehicle, you would, wouldn’t you?

Preventing these scratches is as easy as inserting a Hose Coupling Filter Washer into the end of the spigot. This filter is just like the one found on the faucets in your home. You wouldn’t wash your dishes in dirty water, why would you wash you car in it?

The solution is easy and inexpensive. Insert these Filter Washers into the end of the hose before attaching the nozzle or at the other end where the hose connects to the spigot. The tiny mesh screen catches debris before it exits the hose and ends up on your vehicle.

The Filter Washers are similar to what you find in household faucets. They are made to catch fairly small debris, such as sand and hard water scale. The screen does not affect water pressure.

3 filters per pack

* A 5 micron sediment filter will catch the smallest particles in the water. Particularly if you have well water, you should consider this option as well. See our Clear Inline Hose Filter & Accessories page for more information.

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