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Gold Wax Finger Pockets 2 Pack

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Apply the finishing touch to wheels!

Our Gold Wax Finger Pockets are made of ultra soft foam that wipes on wheel wax and works in fine polishes on wheels. Like our original finger pockets, the Gold Finger Pockets fit over 3-4 fingers and make it easy to apply products to tight spaces.

Use Gold Wax Finger Pockets to apply Wolfgang Concours Metal Sealant to wheels. The fine grade foam is gentle on all wheel finishes, including chrome, clear coated, and aluminum. These applicators are easy to hold onto and they offer protection to your knuckles as you wipe on wax.

Gold Wax Finger Pockets are handy for applying waxes or fine polishes between spokes. The foam completely surrounds your fingers, allowing you to detail concave spaces more efficiently.

In addition to wheels, Gold Wax Finger Pockets are gentle on paint. Apply wax around emblems, trim, and underneath door handles and spoilers. These applicators are perfect for applying the finishing touch to your vehicle.

2 Gold Wax Finger Pockets are included per pack.

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