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Lake Country 1-Pad Kit

Lake Country 1-Pad Kit
Lake Country 1-Pad Kit
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Test drive the Lake Country 1-Pad System!

The Lake Country 1-Pad Kit is a money-saving introduction to this revolutionary pad system. With 1-Pads, you use a fresh buffing pad every time so you don't have to worry about stiff foam or product residue from the last use. Once you try the 1-Pad system, you'll see why one pad per detail is a cleaner, better way to buff.

Conventional buffing pads require cleaning after every use and they eventually wear out. After the first use, the pad will never perform like new again. Cleaning pads takes time but if you neglect this important job, you risk cross-contaminating the vehicle. The 1-Pad Polishing System is the single-use solution!

With 1-Pad buffing pads, you use a fresh, new pad every time you detail. You don't spend valuable time cleaning pads. Every 1-Pad buffing pad performs perfectly. When your detail is finished, throw the pads away. Nothing is more valuable than your time. The time you save by tossing used pads offsets the cost of the 1-Pad Polishing System.

The Lake Country 1-Pad consists of a flexible backing plate that bends against the vehicle.

The backing plate sits inside the pad.
The Tri-Density Backing Plate is made of three layers of flexible material that provides cushioning and the ability to bend against curved panels.


The 1-Pad Polishing System consists of an ultra flexible, patented Tri-Density Backing Plate and a variety of bowl-shaped foam pads. The backing plate has a curved bottom that sits inside of the bowl-shaped 1-Pad buffing pads. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is very flexible. The cushioned backing plate is made almost entirely of flexible materials. When you transition from a flat surface to a vertical surface with your buffer, the Tri-Density Backing Plate flexes so the pad can maintain contact with the paint. Since the backing plate and pads are curved, there are no blunt edges to dig into the paint. For today's curvy vehicle styles, the 1-Pad Polishing System is a safer way to buff.

Each 1-Pad uses 65% less material than most conventional foam pads. However, the system still provides plenty of cushioning. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is cushioned to provide the soft support needed, and it won't break down because the backing plate is not in direct contact with the paint.

Go from flat to vertical surfaces with ease with the 1-Pad System.

Lake Country 1-Pads virtually center themselves! The rounded Tri-Density Backing Plate fits perfectly in each bowl-shaped pad. Hook and loop fasteners hold the pad in place. The full radius design allows you to buff safely over entire pad surface as well as buff safely on the edge of the pad. You can't do that with flat buffing pads!

Use the Lake Country 1-Pad Polishing System with your professional rotary polisher.

The Lake Country 1-Pad Polishing System offers many pad options. The foam pads feature CCS (Collapsed Cell Structure) technology to evenly distribute polish over the working surface of the pad and reduce product waste.

The bowl shape of  the pad allows the backing plate to sit inside of it, where it is perfectly centered.
The Tri-Density Backing Plate sits inside the 1-Pad. You can polish with the entire pad, including the edges.

The Lake Country 1-Pad Kit consists of:

Tri-Density Backing Plate Tri-Density Rotary Backing Plate, 6 inches - This ultra flexible, cushioned backing plate makes it easy to transition from flat to vertical panels. You've never seen a backing plate bend like this one. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is specially designed to provide added cushioning to 1-Pads. It centers itself perfectly in each bowl-shaped 1-Pad.
Orange light cutting 1-pad 1-Pad Orange Light Cutting Foam, 7 inches - The orange pad is made of firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It’s a multi-purpose pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.
white polishing foam 1-pad 1-Pad White Polishing Foam, 7 inches - The white pad is designed for the application of micro-fine polishes and cleaner waxes. This pad has very light cutting power so it is perfect for pre-wax cleaners.
Black Finishing Foam 1-Pad 1-Pad Black Finishing Foam, 7 inches - The gray pad's composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.

Benefits & Features of the 1-Pad Polishing System:

  • Patented Tri-Density Flexible Backing Plate
  • Form fitting pads are self-centering. Simply align, press and buff!
  • Tri-density cushion backing plate maintains consistent cushion feel, won’t break down with use like conventional pads.
  • Full radius design allows user to buff safely over entire pad surface as well as buff safely on edge.
  • 1-Pad use 65% less material than most conventional buffing pads.
  • Pad shape allows easy transition from flat to vertical surfaces.
Kit includes:
1 Tri-Density Backing Plate
1 Orange 1-Pad
1 Black 1-Pad
1 White 1-Pad

A total retail value of $63.98. Save $19.99!

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