Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Green Microfiber Bonnets 2 Pack

Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Green Microfiber Bonnets 2 Pack
Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Green Microfiber Bonnets 2 Pack
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Combine the technology of microfiber with the power of a Porter Cable and you’re going to achieve unbelievable results!

These six-inch Cobra™ microfiber bonnets are well-made, reversible, and machine washable. With a 70/30 blend, these bonnets are ultra-soft and ultra-safe on any paint finish. Cover your foam pad directly or layer them over the lamb’s wool leveling pad for a more cushioned application. Either way, they are superior at applying products, polishing and shining.

Use a microfiber bonnet for sealants like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 and for one-step cleaner/protectants that require just a very light glaze. Heavier products don’t work well with microfiber because of its texture. (I advise using a terry bonnet for thicker products such as polishes and waxes.)

The other use for microfiber bonnets is the secondary removal of residue after waxing or polishing. Again, terry cloth bonnets are better for the initial buffing, but following up with a microfiber bonnet will bring out a professional-looking sheen in much less time than you could do by hand. These are unbeatable for a finishing touch.

When using a microfiber bonnet to remove polish or wax, be aware of how much product the surface of the bonnet has collected. When it becomes caked, you’ll need to switch to a new one. Never use the same bonnet to buff away both polish and wax.

Cobra™ Microfiber Bonnets come 2 in each package- COLOR MAY VARY

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