Carrand Lug Nut Brush

Carrand Lug Nut Brush
Carrand Lug Nut Brush
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One size fits all lug nuts!

The Carrand Lug Nut Brush is built to clean any size lug nut. It features three separate wire loops loaded with flexible bristles. Clean lug nuts quickly with a simple turn of the wrist.

The Carrand Lug Nut Brush works with any lug nuts! There's no need to use a toothbrush or a swab. Just place the Carrand Lug Nut Brush over a lug nut and twist. It instantly cleans the perimeter of the lug nut and it's cavity of all brake dust and road grime. The flexible wire construction allows the brush to accommodate any size lug nut.

The handle features a soft thermal rubber grip to prevent slippage when wet. The Carrand Lug Nut Brush can be used with any wheel cleaner or car shampoo. It features tough flexible, chemical resistant bristles.

Whether you drive a large truck or a compact car, the Carrand Lug Nut Brush will clean lug nuts quickly and completely.

7 inch length

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Lug Nut Brush Trio
Lug Nut Brush Trio

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Lug Nut Brush Trio B-LUGKIT$15.99
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