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Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush

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Stiff bristles deep clean tires, bumpers, and more!

The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush is a stiff utility brush for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Clean tires, rubber bumpers, and grills with stiff, chemical-resistant bristles. The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush cleans where other brushes can’t!

Tires and rubber bumpers tend to absorb the dirt and oils with which they come into contact. That’s in part why rubber becomes discolored and stained. Cleaning rubber requires muscle to penetrate the pores and release grimy deposits. You need the Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush.

The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush has a rounded head packed with bristles. The brush head is surrounded by a rubber bumper to protect your vehicle’s paint from accidental impact. The GRIP TECH™ TPR handle is comfortable and functional. It is affixed to the brush head at the optimal angle to give you leverage as you scrub tires, bumpers, and other dirty surfaces.

For the best results on exterior rubber, use DP Cleanse-All Exterior Surface Cleaner. It penetrates and releases old dressings, dirt, and oils with the help of the Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush.

Use the Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush wherever you need powerful scrubbing action to get surfaces truly clean.


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