Two Way Mini Detailing Brush

Two Way Mini Detailing Brush
Two Way Mini Detailing Brush
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Detailing between air vents and in seams on your dashboard and console can be a challenge. Many professional detailers donít even bother cleaning all the nooks and crannies because itís just not an efficient way to use their time. Thatís because they donít have the Two Way Mini Detailing Brush.

This one brush serves two purposes: it dislodges stubborn grime with the stiff, black bristles, and it gently cleans clear plastic panels with the soft, beige bristles. Buying only one brush saves you money and you donít have to keep up with multiple brushes. One detailing brush does it all!

The stiff, nylon bristles are perfect for the seams between panels on your dashboard and on your doors. They are stiff enough to remove old dust, dirt, and dressings that have accumulated in crevices and around buttons on your upholstery.

The soft bristles are made of all natural hogís hair. Feathered at the ends, these bristles will clean the corners of clear plastic panels without scratching. Safely clean your delicate stereo face and the corners of your rearview mirror.

The bristles are securely glued into a wooden handle. The entire brush is 6.5Ē long and only ĺĒ wide. You can comfortably hold it like a pencil and clean out all the tiny spaces in your vehicleís interior without switching brushes.

Clean where youíve never been able to clean before! The Two Way Mini Detailing Brush gives you two ways to clean cracks and crevices in your vehicle for a deep down clean.

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