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Ultra Suede Glass Cleaning Towels, 3 Pack

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Streak-free glass has never been easier!

The hardest part of cleaning windows is removing every little smear for totally clear, 100% streak-free glass. The secret to streak free glass is removing all the trace residues during the wipe-off process. It’s when you’re wiping glass cleaners off the glass that streaks and smears are created because the residues causing the streaks and smears are not being fully removed.

The Ultra Suede Glass Cleaning Towel has a super flat, soft suede texture that grabs onto trace residues like vinyl fog, smokers film, fingerprints and other oily contaminants onto itself to create an optically clear view through any glass window.

The soft, suede like surface makes 100% contact with any glass surface and pulls all types of residues onto itself instead of merely moving them around to a new area. The Ultra Suede Glass Cleaning Towel maximizes the cleaning ability of any glass cleaner providing the mechanical means of removing any unwanted residues like vinyl fog, smoker’s film, fingerprints, hand prints and any other oils residues.

The Ultra Suede Glass Cleaning Towel can be washed and used over and over again while maintaining its ultra soft suede textured surface.

16 x 12 inches
Made in China
3 Pack

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