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1 Round Detailing Brush

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Clean easily between vents and in crevices!

The most difficult area to clean in my car is the point where the bottom of windshield connects to the dashboard. Dust accumulates there and its almost impossible to find anything small enough to get it out. I have the same problem at the bottom of the back windshield. Luckily, Ive discovered the 1 Round Detailing Brush. Now I can reach those areas easily and remove every last bit of dust and dirt so my car is really clean.

The handle of this brush measures 12 long so you can access the far reaches of your interior, even if your arms arent very long. The wooden handle narrows at the end so its very easy to control. A thick plastic band wraps around the bristles and the end of the handle to hold it all together securely. The bristles are genuine boars hair, tapered at the ends to allow for safe, scratch-free cleaning of glass and clear plastic. The brushs head is 1 in diameter so you can cover more area with each stroke.

Use the 1 Round Detailing Brush to clean between air vents and in seams anywhere that the vacuum misses. The bristles are sturdy enough to loosen stubborn dust and dirt, but they are soft enough to clean delicate clear plastic panels without scratching.

The handle has a pre-drilled hole in the handle so you can hang the brush out of the way in the garage, or toss it in your glove box.

Attack dust where it lives! Reach into crevices, seams, and corners with the genuine boars hair 1 Round Detailing Brush.

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