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8 oz. Spray Bottles 6 Pack

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Convenient, compact bottles for your bulk car care products.

Save money by buying in bulk. Then transfer your detailing products to these manageable 8 oz. Spray Bottles. These smaller bottles allow you to carry only what you need from job to job, rather than lugging around gallon containers.

It’s always easier to carry 8 ounces than 128 ounces! The 8 oz. Spray Bottles are small enough to fit in a detail bag or in the front pouch of your detailing apron. Yet the bottles are big enough to hold enough product to get the job done. They’re just right!

Each bottle has a pump sprayer with a lid. The bottles are clear so you can see when its time to refill.

The 8 oz. Spray Bottles are a great value. You can still save money by buying all your detailing products in bulk. Then transfer them to these conveniently sized bottles.

Tip: Label the bottles! You’ll be glad you did.



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