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Microfiber Car Duster

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Safely removes dust build-up to maintain a just detailed look! Just wipe and walk-away!

Dust and pollen are everywhere in the air and it seems like they are always attracted to freshly washed and waxed cars! The fastest, safest way to remove light dust is using the Microfiber Car Duster! Microfiber is famous for being soft and gentle to delicate clear coat finishes and now you can put these prized features to work for you carefully and safely removing dust and pollen off your car, truck or s.u.v.

The Microfiber Car Duster is so easy to use that anyone can use it to quickly remove all dust and pollen to leave a beautiful, dust-free finish. Dust and pollen if left to build-up can become a film on your car’s finish if exposed to morning dew when parked outside or light rain. By removing the dust before it can embed onto your car’s finish you help remove the chance for swirls and scratches.

The silky, microfiber woven strands gently dance over your car’s finish lifting away and trapping dust onto themselves and away from your car’s scratch-sensitive clear coat paint. The Microfiber Car Duster be used over and over again simply by removing the dusting mop from the ergonomic handle and hand washing it in cold water using a premium microfiber detergent like Detailer’s Microfiber Cleaner. Place washed microfiber mop in an area of good air flow to dry and then re-insert over handle to use again.

The Microfiber Car Duster is non-abrasive and is safe to use on all smooth, hard surfaces including, paint, glass, chrome, plastic and fiberglass gel-coat surfaces. Works great for use inside the house, RV’s and Motorhomes and even boats and motorcycles too!

The plush, silky twisted woven strands measure a generous 3 3/4” long. The dusting mop head is 14” long with a 5” width of functional microfiber strand,” which provides plenty of surface area to collect and remove dust quickly and easily. The stout handle measures 17 1/2” long with a comfortable, ergonomic rubberized grip. The Microfiber Car Duster has a total body length of 24” long making it easy to reach across the longest hoods, trunk and roofs with ease.

The Microfiber Car Duster also comes with its own heavy duty storage bag to keep the soft microfiber strands clean and contaminant-free when not in use. With the included storage bag you can keep your Microfiber Car Duster behind the seat or in the trunk so you can keep your car dust-free anytime, anywhere.

Overall length, 24”



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