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Cobra Boa Haze Breaker Towel

Cobra Boa Haze Breaker Towel

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All the softness without any of the edges!

The Boa Haze Breaker Towel is designed for a multitude of detailing steps with its soft, yet powerful touch. The Boa Haze Breaker Towel boasts a 600 GSM and lacks an edge for a seam free and scratch free buff. Perfect for a variety of a detailing steps, the Boa Haze Breaker Towel is a good go-to choice.

The Boa Haze Breaker Towel is perfect for buffing away waxes, polishes and sealants. With a 600 GSM it gives that extra special, gentle touch on sensitive clear coat finishes. The Boa Haze Breaker Towel is made of dense loops that give the towel an uneven texture, despite how it sounds, that is actually excellent at removing wax. The dense fiber construction cleans the caking of wax without leaving residue or dust behind.

This towel features a unique design beneficial to any detailing step…it is edgeless. The edgeless design means no scratches. The Boa Haze Breaker Towel does not have any edges that will unravel and in turn cause marring. This will allow for safe clean no matter how many times you use it or wash it.

16” x 16”

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