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Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush

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Doubly effective on brake dust!

The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush features a combination of bristles and a built-in scouring pad. The bristles gently clean delicate finishes. The scouring pad scrubs stubborn brake dust. Using a single brush, you get the wheel cleaning performance of two tools! The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush is safe and effective on all types of wheels.

The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush has a loop of bristles arching over a scouring pad. With the twist of your wrist you can go from scouring baked on brake dust to gently whisking away minor grime.

The super soft bristles are safe enough to clean new wheel finishes without scratching. Strong scour pad action loosens brake dust and caked mud.

The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush features the GRIP TECHô TPR handle for comfort and function. The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush is ideally shaped for cleaning between spokes.

The bristles are chemical resistant but your wheel may not be! For the best results, always use a water-based wheel cleaner such as Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. Itís safe and gentle on all wheel finishes but highly effective on dirt and grime.

Double your detailing success with the Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush.

9.5 inches



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