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Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzle

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Double o-ring construction means no leaks!

Do you end up soaking wet every time you wash your vehicle? Its time to get a nozzle that aims the water towards your vehicle, not you. The Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzle features 2 internal o-rings to totally prevent leaking, compared to the single o-ring found in most nozzles. This is one nozzle that wonít leave you all wet.

The Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzleís o rings are replaceable. Most nozzles only have one seal and if it breaks, youíll have to buy a new nozzle. Even if one ring fails in the leak-proof nozzle, the other one will stop the water. In the extremely unlikely event that both o-rings fail, you can replace them.

The brass stem of this nozzle is indestructible so youíll never have to replace it. Brass is an excellent material for nozzles because it can handle strong water pressure and very hot water. It has an uncomplicated design with no moving parts. Itís impossible to break it with regular use. The Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzle might be the last nozzle you ever buy!

Besides its heavy duty construction, the Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzle features four large holes in the stem to allow full flow. The spray can be adjusted from a fine spray to a needle jet to a heavy rinse, by turning the nozzle. The nozzle goes from fully open to fully closed in three quick turns.

The brass components are encased in rubber to protect the nozzle and your vehicle from impact. The rubber is shaped for maximum comfort and convenience.

The Solid Brass Leak-Proof Nozzle is an excellent all-purpose hose nozzle for washing your vehicle, watering plants, and many other jobs. Its durable construction and leak-proof design puts it in a league of its own.
  • All brass valve system
  • Four large openings at nozzle tip for full flow
  • Replaceable front and rear O-ring seals for leak proof shut-off
  • Precise tip angle eliminates side spray
  • Adjustable from fine spray to needle stream to heavy rinse
  • Fast 3 turns from closed to open
  • Heavy-duty solid brass construction with comfort grip

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