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Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack

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Microfiber plus detailing tools!

The Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack is a collection of plush microfiber towels and a mitt with built-in tools designed to do a better job than microfiber alone. These innovative additions turn an ordinary towel into a body-seam cleaner or a wash mitt into a bug and tar remover. This is an excellent set of detailing products for multi-taskers.

The Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack includes:

Carrand Tuf-Spot Mit

Tuf-Spot™ Wash Mitt
The Carrand Tuf-Spot Wash Mitt is a combination microfiber wash mitt, mesh bug sponge, and blade for removing bugs, tar, and tough grime from the auto surface. The built-in plastic blade can be employed when needed, but otherwise stays recessed within fluffy microfiber strands. The mesh edge provides extra scrubbing power where needed.


Carrand Drip Stop Drying Towel

Drip-Stop™ Drying Towel
The Carrand Sof-Tool Drip-Stop Drying Towel is an extra large microfiber towel with a special drip-grabbing corner. It pulls water from grills, mirror seams, and body panels to prevent drip marks down your vehicle. The satin edge glides over emblems without snagging.

Carrand Clean Seam Polishing Towel

Clean-Seam™ Polishing Towel
The Carrand Clean-Seam Microfiber Polishing Towel makes it easy to buff away every bit of wax - including what gets stuck in body seams! A flexible plastic Clean-Seam tool is built into the corner of the towel for easy access to body seams and crevices. The entire towel is made of super soft microfiber surrounded by a snag-free satin border.


Carrand dust-off towel

Dust-Off™ Detailing Towel
The two-sided Dust-Off Detailing Towel has a Clean-Seam Tool to remove dirt and dust from between body seams and crevices. The flexible plastic tool is built into the corner for easy access. The rest of the towel is luxurious, dust-attracting microfiber wrapped with a snag-free satin edge.

The Carrand Sof-Tools 4-piece Total-Care Detailing Pack is not your ordinary microfiber kit. Try them the next time you detail!

Kit includes:
1pc Tuf-Spot™ Wash Mitt
1pc Drip-Stop™ Drying Towel
1pc Clean-Seam™ Polishing Towel
1pc Dust-Off™ Detailing Towel


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