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Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towel - 12-Pack

Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towel - 12-Pack

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The Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towels are the towels you in need an all areas of detailing! These towels are called utility for a reason as they can be your go-to towel for whatever you need. And with its larger size you can cover more ground with just one towel. Plus, coming in many different colors, you can easily prevent cross contamination!

When it comes to detailing, your most needed tool, the tool you need every time no matter the job, will be a microfiber towel. Now, if you think about it, that can add up to a lot of towels. Especially if you need a specific one for leather, paint, windows, tires… the list can go on and on. And while certain towels are needed for certain procedures, you could get away with having an all-purpose towel… in comes the Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towel.

The Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towels are perfect, and safe, to use on paint, glass, clear coat, interior surfaces, tires and wheels and more. These towels are great for pretty much everything other than buffing. So, save your fluffy towels and stick to the Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towel to get to the core of detailing, like removing compounds, polishes, cleaning the interior and working on dirty wheels.

Coming in at a size of 16x27 inches, the Cobra Heat Wave Yellow Utility Towel is almost double the size of a normal all-purpose towel. With a larger towel, you can cover a larger surface area without having to constantly change towels. Plus, with 300gsm, it’s strong enough to clean and remove product, but still soft enough to not harm the surface it is working on.

These Utility towels come in a variety of different colors so you never have to worry about cross contamination. You can have a color for wax removal, one for interiors, another one for wheels and more!

16" x 27"


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