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Cobra™ Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth 3 Pack

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Wipe away sealants and polishes in one pass with the Indigo!

There’s a myth in the detailing world that paint sealants are hard to remove. The truth is, it’s the towel. Fluffy, silky soft towels may not have the grip necessary to remove high-bonding sealants. This plush breed of microfiber is excellent for final buffing but its not ideal for product removal. Enter the Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth.

The Cobra Indigo is a different kind of microfiber towel. It has the 70/30 blend and the high thread count (220,000 per inch) of a soft buffing towel but it has something else. The ultra-fine threads are woven into a dense series of tiny loops. These loops grab residues on the surface of your vehicle and hold them. In one pass you can remove every trace of residue from the paint!

Even paste waxes will come off with ease thanks to this unique design. Many microfiber towels become caked when removing wax or polish residue. That’s a sign that they are probably best reserved for final buffing. For wax removal, the Cobra Indigo is the reigning champ. Its looped texture cleans without caking and leaves the surface completely free of residue and that pesky white dust.

If it weren’t so soft, you might designate the Cobra Indigo as a cleaning cloth. But this towel has a soft, gentle touch that is safe on clear coated surfaces, glass, paint, and metal. It will not scratch!

To further protect the paint finish, the Cobra Indigo has no hem. The absence of a hem makes the Cobra Indigo extra gentle on all your vehicle’s delicate surfaces. Looped polyester hems can stiffen over time and cause very slight micro-marring- the kind you don’t see until you’re parked under fluorescent lighting (parking garages). The Cobra Indigo is all microfiber, all the way to the edge. The woven loops of microfiber serve as their own hem; they will not unravel no matter how many times you wash it. No hem equals NO SCRATCHES! Plus, the Cobra Indigo is tagless.

The Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth will make the toughest residues come off with ease; imagine how easily it removes Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. This advanced formula is a breeze to apply and wipe off, but the Cobra Indigo will make it absolutely effortless. Follow up with a Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Towel during final buffing to further enhance the shine.

The Cobra Indigo removes polishes and pre-wax cleaners like magic! All polishes dry to a white haze because of their cleaners. This haze can quickly cake most towels, making them ineffective. The Indigo’s loop structure prevents caking. Between each of the thousands of loops is ample space for dust and residue to accumulate. That frees up the microfiber loops so they continue to clean.

The Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth is the towel that every detailer must have! With its unique weave, it will remove products better than your regular buffing cloth and it will save you time.

Get a grip on the Indigo!

Note: The Cobra Indigo is part of the new wave in microfiber: the towel is composed of Korean split-weave microfiber, the best in the business, but the final step of the manufacturing process takes place in China, where production costs are significantly lower. (This is the same process used to create the Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel, which is an excellent testament to the superior quality and value that can be achieved through shared manufacturing.) For this reason, you get more quality microfiber for the money with the Cobra Indigo Microfiber Towel.

16” x 16”

Korean microfiber assembled in China.

3 Pack

Choose the best microfiber towel for any detailing job!

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