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Cobra Quik Clenz Buffing Pad & Microfiber Cleaner (3 Pack)

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Clean and restore foam and wool buffing pads!

Cobra Quik Clenz Buffing Pad & Microfiber Cleaner is a concentrated degreaser and cleaner specially formulated for foam and wool buffing pads. Dissolve a packet in 2-3 gallons of water to create a powerful degreaser. Cobra Quik Clenz powers through caked-on polishes and waxes to leave pads feeling and performing like new.

You can get more use out of your buffing pads with the right care. Cobra Quik Clenz dissolves product residues within the cells of foam pads, leaving the foam supple and clean. In wool pads, dried polish stiffens the wool fibers and mats the wool together. Quik Clenz releases caked-on polishes to restore the usable texture of both foam and wool pads.

Cobra Quik Clenz is a biodegradable cleaner with natural citrus extracts that emulsify products caked within the foam, wool, and microfiber. This is an environmentally friendly, nonflammable product.

We recommend mixing up a bucket of Cobra Quik Clenz before you begin detailing. As you use pads, toss them in the bucket to soak. By the time you are finished detailing, the pads will be ready for rinsing.

To use Cobra Quik Clenz, dissolve one 2 oz. packet in 3-4 gallons of water. Soak pads for up to 15 minutes. If necessary, use a brush to agitate the pads. Rinse well and air dry with the hook & loop backing facing up.

Cobra Quik Clenz is also effective on microfiber. Soak microfiber towels and tools in the cleaning solution. Agitate the microfiber with your hands or by stirring the contents of the bucket. Rinse well and hang to dry, or tumble dry on low in the clothes dryer.

Cobra Quik Clenz Pad & Microfiber Cleaner gives you the power to clean and restore your foam and wool buffing pads to maintain a high level of performance, detail after detail.

3 packets of 2 oz.



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