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Cyclo Orbital Polisher & Accessories

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher is the one and only dual head polisher in the world! Invented in 1953, the Cyclo has a long history with car and plane enthusiasts alike. Even the U.S. military approved the Cyclo to polish its aircraft and missiles back in 1953. Today, the Cyclo enjoys the distinction of being the one of the oldest and most trusted names in the polisher industry. Every part of the polisher is expertly machined and hand-fitted to ensure long-lasting performance. Thatís why there are many 50-year-old Cyclos still in use today! The Cyclo Orbital Polisher has seen many fads and fashions come and go in the automotive world, but its quality has never changed. The patented polishing mechanisms that made it famous are still its trademark. See what over 50 years of experience can do for your vehicle!

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