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Cyclo 4 inch Light Cutting Wool Pads (Pair)

Cyclo 4 inch Light Cutting Wool Pads (Pair)
Outfit your Cyclo with wool pads for aggressive defect removal!

If foam falls short of removing your vehicle’s worst paint defects, step up your cutting ability with the Cyclo 4 inch Light Cutting Wool Pads. With a fluffy but tough texture, these wool pads remove severe oxidation and scratches.

Cyclo calls these Light Cutting Wool Pads. On the scale of abrasiveness, wool pads fall between Cyclo’s yellow cutting pad and yellow scrubbing pad. Wool is not as rigid as the scrubbing pad, but wool fibers are very coarse. Used properly, they are a great asset for removing severe paint defects.

We recommend using Cyclo wool pads for leveling severely oxidized paint and deep scratches. Anticipate using a light swirl remover with a pair of light cutting foam pads, and then a finishing polish with two polishing pads to restore the gloss and smoothness to the paint following compounding.

Cyclo Wool Pads each measure 4 inches in diameter and feature hook & loop backing. Apply them to your Cyclo polisher by pressing them onto the Pad Holders (sold separately). The pads are made of a wool/poly blend that is durable and washable.

Wash wool pads using DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. The strong citrus cleaner breaks up compounds and rejuvenates the wool’s texture. Pour one scoop of powder into a 5 gallon bucket of water and soak the wool pads for up to 15 minutes. Agitate with a brush if necessary. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Remove severe paint defects with the Cyclo and a pair of 4 inch Wool Pads. For aggressive paint correction, depend on the leveling power of wool.

2 pack

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