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Bonnet Kit for Cyclo Polsihers

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12 bonnets + 2 pads = Bright, glossy paint! Bonnets are just better! Better than pads, better than towels. They are as safe as hand-buffing but they use less of your energy. Just slip the bonnets on your Cyclo Orbital Polisher and you'll be enjoying a beautiful shine in no time! Cobra 4 inch Premium Bonnets are made to fit the Cyclo Orbital Polisher. Slip a pair of bonnets over two foam pads. The pads will cushion the weight of the polisher as you buff. When the bonnets become caked, flip them inside out and keep buffing. It couldn't be easier! The Bonnet Kit for Cyclo Polsihers includes both cotton and microfiber bonnets. Both varieties are made with top quality fabric hemmed on the edges in heavy duty elastic. The elastic holds the bonnets securely in place as your buff. The bonnets will not slip or bunch thanks to their snug fit. 6 Cobra 4 Inch Premium Terry Bonnets
Typically, waxes and polishes dry to a haze and then you buff it off. This haze can sometimes be difficult to remove by hand or with a microfiber bonnet. But its not a problem for the Cobra 4 Inch Terry Bonnets. The looped cotton fibers gently whisk away dried wax and polish as you move your Cyclo polisher over the surface. If you think of the texture of a plush bath towel, you'll have a pretty good idea what these bonnets feel like. That varied texture allows the terry bonnets to softly scrub the paint surface to remove the dried haze. 6 Cobra 4 Inch Premium Microfiber Bonnets
Cobra 4 Inch Microfiber Bonnets are ideal for final buffing because they attract dust better than terry cloth, or any other fabric for that matter! After removing wax or polish from your vehicle, there may be a light layer of dust left over from the haze created by the product. Slip two microfiber bonnets over the pads on your Cyclo polisher, and you can whisk away that dust while gently polishing your paint to a dazzling shine. Microfiber has a static charge that literally draws dust and lint into its network of fibers. Meanwhile, the microfiber will massage your paint to a bright shine. 2 Cyclo Premium White Finishing Pads 4 Inch
The white pad is Cyclo's softest pad. It is intended for final buffing and wax application. It will render a glossy shine without polishing. This pad has no cut. All 12 bonnets in this kit are washable and reversible! You'll find countless uses for the Cobra Cyclo Bonnet Kit! To wash bonnets, dissolve one scoop of Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator in 3-4 gallons of water. Agitate the bonnets with your hands or a brush. Rinse well and lay out to dry. Kit includes:
6 Cobra 4 Inch Premium Terry Bonnets
6 Cobra 4 Inch Premium Microfiber Bonnets
2 Cyclo Premium White Finishing Pads 4 Inch All these items have a total retail value of $45.60. Save $10.65!

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Highly recommend the one place for THE best car care products! I have used a lot of different products over the years and Wolfgang products are the best. There is truth in advertising with this company. The video (and written) how-to instructions are awesome! No doubts about the right way to do it. I'm hooked on these products and this company!

– Cristopher S.