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Deluxe Clean Water Filter Kit

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Your vehicle is only as clean as the water you use!

The Deluxe Clean Water Filter System is a two-part inline filtration system that removes minerals and sediment from the water as it travels through the hose. By eliminating hard water and impurities, your vehicle will receive a cleaner, gentler wash every time!

The two most common water problems are:

Minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, are what constitute “hard water”. Hard water is responsible for water spots, poor-lathering shampoo, and that green ring around your bathtub. The calcium and magnesium actually harden inside pipes (called “scale”) and on other surfaces, including your vehicle. When you rinse with hard water, you could be dousing your vehicle with hard mineral deposits. The only way to prevent hard water deposits is with a water softener.

Sediment is rust or sand that is inside water pipes. A broken water main miles and miles away can allow sand to enter your water supply. Likewise, a little rust anywhere along the water line can flake off into the water. This is why your household faucets have filters. Needless to say, sand and rust hitting your paint finish should be avoided. A filter will remove fine sediment and protect your vehicle as you wash it.

A one-step filtration system eliminates either problem, but many people experience both hard water and sediment. If your poor water quality is preventing you from achieving clean, smooth paint when you wash, get the Deluxe Clean Water Filter System!

The Deluxe Clean Water Filter System includes:

2 Clear Inline Hose Filters
Keep your wash water perfectly clean with these easy-to-install, in-line hose filters. Put a sediment filter cartridge into one unit and a water softener cartridge in the second unit. This two-step system cleans and then softens the water as it travels from the water source to its final destination. Brass hose-adapter fittings ensure long-lasting performance. The sturdy plastic housing allows you to see when the sediment filter needs changing. Each unit is 12 inches tall and about 4 ½ inches at its widest point. Each includes a wrench to assist in changing the cartridges and a mounting bracket.

1 Sediment Filter Cartridge
This cartridge is made of 25 micron spun poly. It traps fine sediment as the water passes through so that nothing hits your vehicle but pure water. Sediment may include sand, rust, and hard water scale. If you don’t have a hard water problem, this cartridge is all you need to filter your water.

1 Water Softener Filter
This cartridge neutralizes calcium and magnesium in the water, thereby eliminating hard water. Your car shampoo will lather better and your vehicle will be free of those nasty water spots. This cartridge can be renewed and reused indefinitely.

A water softener works by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Sodium ions are “soft”. They don’t produce scale and they don’t stain. They change the actual texture of the water, making it feel “slippery”. This causes water to sheet off the vehicle more effectively. Water that remains on the vehicle will not leave spots.

2 ft. Water Hose & 3 ft. Water Hose
You will need three hoses total for a two-part filtration system. We’ve supplied two of them in this kit; just add your standard hose to complete the installation. This 3 ft hose is perfect for connecting the spigot and filter unit. Connect the 2 ft. hose between the two filter units. The small size of these hoses makes the installation look neat and organized by eliminating any unnecessary hose length.

2 lb. Filter Rejuvenating Tablets
Regenerate your water softener cartridge with these tablets. To use, pour the tablets into a plastic dishpan or bucket; use enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Cover the tablets with water. Put the softener cartridge in the water and let it soak overnight at least. The tablets will dislodge the calcium buildup on the resin and replace it with sodium. Replace the cartridge in the filter unit and it will be almost as good as new.

2 Microfiber 16" x 16" Detailing Towels
Constructed of the finest quality microfibers the Cobra Detailing Towel sets the standard with an outstanding 80/20 blend of polyester/polyamide filament, woven so densely they boast over 200,000 strands of fiber per square inch of fabric! These strands are nearly invisible to the naked eye, and are 100 times smaller than a human hair! Use this cloth for cleaning, buffing, and wiping away wax.

The Deluxe Clean Water Filter System is a practical solution to hard water and sediment. The entire system can be attached to your hose and removed as needed. If you prefer to leave it in place, mount the two clear filters to the wall by the spigot. We recommend attaching a Y-valve to the spigot so the filter system can remain connected when not in use.

Remember, if you’re washing your vehicle with unfiltered water, you could unknowingly be pouring hard water scale or sediment on the paint finish. The Deluxe Clean Water Filter System eliminates both culprits so the water that cleans
your vehicle is truly clean.

Kit includes:
2 Clear Inline Hose Filters
1 Sediment Filter Cartridge
1 Water Softener Filter
2 Ft. Hose
3 Ft. Hose
2 lb. Filter Rejuvenating Tablets
16 x 16 Cobra Yellow Microfiber Towel
16 x 16 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel

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