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Deluxe Terry 4 inch Bonnets Multi-Pack for the Cyclo

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Six bonnets for one low price!

Nothing works like cotton terry cloth to remove stubborn waxes and polishes. The loop-covered fabric gently removes the sometimes-thick haze left by many paste waxes and compounds.

Now you can stock up on terry cloth bonnets for your Cyclo polisher with the Deluxe Terry 4 inch Bonnets Multi-Pack! These high quality, 100% terry cloth bonnets fit snugly over 4 inch pads. Use them to buff your vehicle to a brilliant shine using your Cyclo polisher.

The texture of each bonnet is like a plush, terry bath towel. Your multi-pack includes bonnets of various colors but they are all 100% cotton with heavy duty elastic bands sewn securely to the terry cloth.

Deluxe Terry 4 inch Bonnets are washable and reversible. If one side becomes caked with wax, turn off your machine and turn the bonnet inside out. When both sides become soiled, toss the bonnets in your washing machine with your regular detergent. Keep your detailing supplies separate from your regular laundry to avoid cross-contamination.

If you’d rather keep your dirty supplies in the garage, you may also wash your bonnets and pads in a 5 gallon bucket with DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Air dry your bonnets and pads.

Buff beautifully with the Deluxe Terry 4 inch Bonnets Multi-Pack for the Cyclo Orbital Polisher!

These bonnets fit over any 4 inch pads, including Spot Buffs, Cyclo Premium Foam Pads, and Lake Country 4 inch Low Profile Pads.

Includes 6 bonnets. Colors may vary.

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