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The Edge 2000 Detailing Apron

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Protect your clothes and your vehicle while you detail.

The Edge 2000 Detailing Apron is something every detailer should have. It doesn’t just protect your clothes – it protects your vehicle from buttons and belt buckles on the front of your clothing. The Edge 2000 Detailing Apron is a simple way to take one more precaution against scratches.

The Edge 2000 Detailing Apron is made of 100% polyester, which holds up well to the wear and tear of detailing a car. The thick material protects your clothing from the drips and runs of errant car care products.

Three generous pockets on the front conveniently hold applicators, brushes, and towels so your supplies are within easy reach. The pockets are also a great place to put bottle caps or instruction pamphlets as you work.

The apron is one size fits all. Each apron has the Edge 2000 logo screenprinted in crisp white on a royal blue background. The apron is 24 ¼ inches from the top hem to the bottom hem and 26 inches wide with 33 ½ inch ties.

One size fits all.



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