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Exterior Detailing Guide

Automotive paint is made up of multiple layers: the primer, the color coat, and the clear coat. However, the combined total of these three layers is only about .006- .008 of an inch thick. Scary, huh?

Considering what your vehicle is exposed to every day, the paint is quite durable. UV rays, airborne pollution, bugs, dirt, tar, heat, salt, and any number of other assailants bombard the paint surface every time your vehicle leaves the garage. And if you don’t have a garage, it never gets a break. It’s no surprise that an unprotected finish will eventually lose the battle and begin fading, oxidizing, and even peeling.

The only tried and true way to keep your paint healthy is the three step process: clean, polish, and protect. While the number of car care products out there can be dizzying, they all fall into one of these three categories. Knowing the three steps really simplifies your product search.



The first step is washing. Your car should be washed weekly to remove the weeks worth of containment and debris. While washing your car weekly will remove contaminants, like bug splatter, over time it will begin to eat into the clear coat and will cause permanent damage.

Use Wolfgang Auto Bathe for a powerful cleaning. The secret behind Wolfgang Auto Bathe's awesome cleansing power is in the suds. TUFF SUDS II is a foaming technology that works by suspending natural oils and what we've dubbed "super polymers" within the foam—allowing built-up dirt and grime to be effortlessly swiped away.

Wash your vehicle using Sheepskin Wash Pad or Lake Country Wash Wedge to safely and effectively remove dirt from your car. Work from the top down while washing your car. This will hekpo

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