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Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Discs (2 Pack)

Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Discs (2 Pack)
If you want to start from scratch…

The Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Disc is designed to remove severe rust and paint in order to create a clean slate. We recommend this disc for professional detailers only due to its ability to remove paint. The discs are recommended for cleaning rough surfaces like hockey rink walls and tile (but not ceramic tile – it will scratch).

For vehicles, the 600 Grit Discs are only to be used in a restoration application. They will remove rust and oxidized, flaky paint down to the primer, possibly the bare metal. If that’s your intention, these discs are a great option. Made of coarse nylon, the discs are well-suited to grinding through damaged paint, rusted metal, and dirty outdoor tiles.

The discs stick to the hook & loop pad holders (sold separately).

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