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Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad

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This revolutionary glass polishing pad has the abrasives built into the foam!

Restore the clarity and smoothness of auto glass with Lake Countryís unique Glass Polishing Pad. The 5.5 Inch foam pad has minute abrasives incorporated into the foam. The Glass Polishing Pad enhances the performance of a quality glass polish to remove fine scratches and restore optical clarity to your car windshield and windows.

If you look closely at the Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad, you can see tiny sparkles within the foam. These are the glass polishing abrasives manufactured right inside the polyurethane foam. The abrasives support the polishing action of the glass polish to refine the glass to a smooth shine while removing flaws. With fewer passes, you will see faster results and smoother glass.

The Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad is made of dense polyurethane foam with very small cells. The padís density enables it to keep the glass polish on the surface, rather than soaking into the foam. You use less polish to get the job done and you achieve better results! Yet, despite its density, the pad still has plenty of flexibility to conform to the curves of the glass.

The Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad is constantly renewing itself as its being used. As the padís surface wears, more abrasives are constantly being exposed because they are throughout the foam. The pad never loses its effectiveness.

This is a larger version of the 4 inch glass polishing pad found in the Lake Country Do It Yourself Glass Polishing Kit. Use the 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad with a 5 inch backing plate on your dual action or rotary polisher. The pad features hook and loop fasteners from edge to edge, which are permanently bonded with the polyurethane.

Wash the pad in Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Mix one scoop with 3-4 gallons of water and let the pad soak for up to 15 minutes. Agitate if needed. Rinse and let air dry, fastener side up.

Get clearer, smoother glass with the Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad. Tiny, built-in abrasives improve the polishing ability of your glass polish to achieve the best possible results.


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