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Metropolitan Stainless Steel Full-Size Canister Vacuum

Metropolitan Stainless Steel Full-Size Canister Vacuum
Powerful performance in a sleek package!

Everything old is new again! The canister vacuum of the 1950’s has been reinvented with classic Retro style. The Metro Stainless Steel Canister Vacuum takes a trip back in time with a long, cylindrical body, but the sleek, stainless steel finish is modern style at its best.

This is the vacuum for enthusiasts - that rare breed that demands the absolute best of everything. It's not the utilitarian shop vac of old; you don't roll it into a corner when you're done with it. Store the Metro Stainless Steel Canister Vacuum upright or mount it on the garage wall. The stainless steel body makes a bold statement about substance, performance, and style - the very same qualities you treasure in your vehicle!

From Metropolitan’s Professional series, the Metro Stainless Steel Full-Size Vacuum combines powerful performance with sophistication. The 4.0 peak HP, twin fan motor provides industrial strength cleaning power for your toughest jobs. With 11.25 AMPS/ 1350 watts, this vacuum will pull dirt and dust from deep within carpet inside your vehicle and in your home. It features 95” water lift suction power, which is an industry measure of the suction strength of a vacuum. The higher the number, the greater the suction. Rarely does a household vacuum exceed 80”.

The four stage HEPA filtration will remove allergens and dust that you can’t see. The filtration system includes a disposable paper bag, a cloth filter bag, a charcoal foam filter, and a HEPA certified long life filter. The Metro Stainless Steel Full-Size Vacuum removes 99.97% of all airborne allergens, dust and animal dander for cleaner, germ-free air.

This is a top of the line vacuum! Vacuums with half the power are selling for twice as much as this one. And with a Metro Vac, you get an exclusive 5 year motor warranty – the best in the business!

The Metro Full-Size Canister Vacuum comes with a 7 foot flexible hose, 2 chrome/stainless steel extension wands, dust brush, and a Euro-style combo floor/rug tool, crevice tool, and fabric tool. You’ll also get 3 disposable bags and two charcoal foam filters.

The vacuum rolls along with you as you clean. The long hose and extension wands make cleaning stairs a snap. Roll it into the garage to clean your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. The hose allows you to reach into the vehicle without picking up the vacuum. The industrial strength suction allows you to clean up ground-in messes in no time!

Looking for a vacuum that can really clean up? The Metro Stainless Steel Full-Size Canister Vacuum gives you professional cleaning results without hiring a professional!

  • Same as Model ADM-4PNHSF but without the electric powerhead
  • Ideal for area rugs and bare floors.
  • Durable Stainless Steel/Chrome power canister
  • 4.0 Peak HP Twin Fan motor
  • Quadruple HEPA filtration
  • Convenient cord storage halo
  • 4 Wheels for ease and stability
  • 11.25 AMPS
  • 95” water lift suction power
  • 130CFM
  • 1350 watts.
  • Includes: 7-ft flexible hose, two 20” Chrome/Steel extension wands, euro-style combo floor/rug tool, crevice tool, fabric tool, dust brush, three disposable bags, two charcoal foam filters.

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