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Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush & Handle

Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush & Handle

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Round for a reason!

If you’ve ever used a rectangular wash brush, you know that its great for big vehicles but sometimes hard to maneuver around smaller vehicles. The Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is different. The brush head is round to easily clean the curves and small panels of smaller vehicles.

The Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush has a round head that is 7 inches in diameter. This compact, round brush is lightweight and easy to maneuver over smaller panels or over pickup trucks that have few large, continuous panels. Some users may find the smaller brush more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

The Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush consists of a 6 inch round, molded plastic base packed with 4 inch long genuine boar’s hair bristles.

Two threaded inserts are built into the brush to accommodate the Telescopic Handle (available at the bottom of the page.) You can choose the angle that works best for you. Use the brush with or without the handle for a luxurious and gentle wash.

The included telescopic handle is made of indestructible aluminum with a plastic grip and threaded insert. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, even when reaching areas over your head. When you work your way down to more accessible panels, simply unscrew the handle from the brush head.

We only use 100% natural boar’s hair in the manufacturing of our Montana Original Boar’s Hair Brushes. Boar’s hair is surprisingly soft and its durability is unmatched by any other natural hair. Each strand is soft yet sturdy enough to whisk away dirt and grime.

Since it’s a natural hair, boar’s hair holds onto moisture better than any synthetic brush. The Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush holds a tremendous amount of soapy water to give your vehicle maximum lubrication as you wash.

Please note: Like any natural hair, boar’s hair brushes do shed (though much less than horse hair). It’s normal for the brush to shed a few strands as you wash. This is just part of owning a brush made of genuine hair.

For the ultimate lubrication and paint protection, use Wolfgang Auto Bathe to wash your vehicle. Between Pinnacle’s rich suds and the softness of genuine boar’s hair, your vehicle will be beautifully clean without any of the swirls that come from inferior wash tools.

Experience the luxury and convenience of the Montana Original 360° Boar’s Hair Wash Brush. You’ll never go back to a mitt again!

7 inches diameter with 4 inch bristles.
Handle is 26 inches. Telescopes to 45 inches.

Made in U.S.A.

Detailing Tip: Soak your boar's hair wash brush in soapy water for a few minutes before use to make the hairs even softer and more pliable!

Purchase the handle and brush combo for a savings of $4.99!

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