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The Miracle Towel: 12 Pack

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A marvel of microfiber technology so advanced...it's a Miracle!

This detailing towel is the result of the latest advances in Microfiber research. With over 200,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop-woven microfiber, this towel is a “must have” tool in your detailing kit. Loop-woven into a super soft, perfectly sized cloth, you won’t have to ever worry about streaks or “lint fuzz” again. With the carefully blended 70/30 polyester/polyamide weave, this tough towel will stand up to your most formidable detailing tasks.

The Miracle Towel is designed to be an effective cleaning tool whether it’s used wet or dry. The high quality mmicrofibers are positively charged and attract grease, dirt particles, and any type of dust, all of which are negatively charged. Every fiber strand is 100 times finer than a human hair, and 10 times finer than a single strand of fine silk! With the individual fibers woven into millions of microscopic loops, this towel gently lifts and traps all foreign materials that could mar your fine automotive surfaces. Lint, a constant nuisance with most toweling or other “wipes,” is never again a problem. You’ll be astounded at the results over anything you’ve used in the past. And this is true when using this towel on even the darkest paint or plastic surfaces. It’s amazing.

The microscopic fibers in the Miracle Towel can absorb seven times their weight in liquid. Having one handy for quickly mopping up unexpected spills is a real plus! There’s nothing like seeing that beverage cup go over, and having nothing but a paper napkin handy to save the day. Worry no more! Keep a Miracle Towel at arm’s length in your car and save your beautiful interior from potential disaster.

The reason the Miracle Towel never streaks, or leaves those bothersome water spots on surfaces, where they show so easily, is because of the super absorbency of the near-invisible loop fibers. Those same absorbent microfibers have the unique ability to “scrub away” and buff out even stubborn old water spots safely. That’s a blessing when you want to maintain that beautiful fine finish on your interior and exterior surfaces. That goes for your fragile plastic windshield or tinted window film, too. Owning this remarkable, versatile towel is like having a “super chamois,” but better! Get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies inside or outside your car to make your detailing job perfect. This is the “perfect towel” for the “perfect job,” a job done well.

Plain water is all you need for most cleaning tasks when using this “light blue wonder.” You’ll find yourself putting your harsh soaps and chemicals on the back shelf when you use this powerful towel. If you do come across that situation where tough-to-clean residues, like oil or grease, seem to present a real cleaning challenge, just spray a little plain water, or your preferred cleaner, onto the surface directly, or right onto the Miracle Towel, and wipe the residue away. You’ll be astounded at the power of Pinnacle’s specialized microfiber technology.

Pinnacle didn’t just develop a “standard” microfiber product when they introduced the Miracle Towel. Their exclusive fiber blend and the weave of their towel make it a proven winner! It’s been extensively user tested against other products and towels, and has been lab tested. The results show that it cleans four times better than ordinary cleaning cloths! The highest quality paper towels can’t come close to this magical marvel.

Not only is this extraordinary towel 100% hypo-allergenic, it’s environmentally sound. In a recent study released by the EPA, it was determined that quality microfibers, such as those used in the Miracle Towel are “less work intensive, more cost effective, environmentally safe, dramatically reduce chemical use and the disposal of those chemicals, and clean more effectively then conventional cleaners.” Now that’s quite a statement. There’s no doubt, the Miracle Towel’s quality gives it clear advantages that make it stand above and beyond anything you’ve used before.

The silky-soft, non-abrasive towel is completely safe to use on the finest automobile surfaces, including easily “swirled” clearcoat topcoats. It’s effective on computer monitors and television screens, even on delicate “coated” camera lenses, glass-top stoves, vinyl surfaces, silver plate, tile and enamel. And, it’s especially effective for cleaning and polishing chrome and brass. All this in a towel so durable it can be rinsed and re-used countless times. It has survived and remained effective after five hundred uses and washings. It’s a sure favorite with professional detailers and automobile enthusiasts alike. So, there’s no need to wonder why it’s called the “Miracle” Towel.

Use what the professionals use! Take away the dirt and grime while you polish to perfection, all in one product. Find out what it’s like to make detailing so much easier; order your Microfiber Towel Combo Pack and begin to believe… in miracles.

Miracle Towels are easy to care for, too! Just wash with soap or detergent to remove imbedded dirt and oils and rinse very well. Don’t use fabric softeners when cleaning any microfiber product. Fabric softeners prevent the absorption of liquids, and that’s essential to the value of microfiber product uses. As part of their benefit for regular household laundry use, fabric softeners eliminate the static charge in material, including the desirable charge in your Miracle Towel. The static charge that is inherent in your Miracle Towel is one reason it has such amazing cleaning and polishing qualities. The same static that causes “static cling” in some fine fabrics is essential when using a dry microfiber Miracle Towel. The Miracle Towel’s quality of having a positive static charge is what makes it so effective in picking up fine dust particles. But, that same positive charge will attract lint or fine fibers if you wash it with other laundry, so wash all of your microfiber products, including the Miracle Towel, only with other microfiber products. And finally, there’s no need to use the dryer if you machine wash, rather than hand wash your detailing towels. Microfiber is remarkably light, tough, and will easily air dry in a short time.

It’s a “Miracle” Towel.
Size: 16” x 16”
Color: Light Blue

Made in Korea.

12 pack

For more information on microfiber, click here.



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