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Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool

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Cut your interior drying time in half!

Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool is a revolutionary tool manufactured as an add-on to your Mytee Carpet Extractor. A Comfort Grip for reduced strain to the user, a clear top that allows you to see the dirt and grime being removed, and increased airflow that cuts down drying time drastically are just a few of the innovative ideas incorporated when Mytee manufactured their 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool. Instantly upgrade your Mytee Carpet Extractor by adding the Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool to your detailing line-up.

Mytee is well known in the detailing world for their powerful carpet extractors, and their new Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool fits right in! With a ton of innovative features, the Mytee 8400DX was designed for the ultimate consumer experience. Their soft-feel Comfort Grip allows for sustained use of the tool with little to no strain on the user, allowing for extended sessions. Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool also has a nylon housing with a strong yet lightweight build, making it even more user-friendly.

Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool features a clear top letting you see what kind of dirt and grime is being extracted and keeping you up to date on the progress you are making. The sleek stainless steel slide will not grab and catch onto fabrics, making the back and forth motions quick and easy. This also eliminates water overspray.
Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool makes a quicker drying time
The Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery tool removes dirt and grime easily, but is gentle enough to use on delicate fabrics.
The clear cover lets you see how much dirt is being removed
The clear cover allows you to see how much dirt and grime you are pulling up, letting you keep track of progress.

An adjustable flow valve is positioned on the Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool’s handle, allowing easy access and letting you control the flow of water. Mytee has enhanced this tool even further by adding a vacuum relief valve that can reduce suction power. The adjustable flow valve and the vacuum relief valve allows you to use the Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery on delicate fabrics without the worry of damaging them.

Mytee used their trademarked Cuff Lynx system for easy attachment and removal of the flexible 15ft Hose-n-Hose tube. Their Hose-n-Hose system uses a stainless steel 1/8 inch solution hose inside the flexible 15ft hose, creating less bulk for more product. The stainless steel solution hose juts out of the black flexible hose with their Snap-n-Lok Cuff Lynx system, keeping things neat and compact.

The Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool is perfect for cleaning headliners, car seats, car mats, and carpets. The quick drying design won’t leave a wet mess behind! Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery is also perfect for use in the home for cloth furniture, pillows, curtains, and even mattresses!

The Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool is compatible with the Mytee HP-100 Gran Prix, Mytee Lite II 8070 and the Mytee HP60 Spyder.
Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool comes as a kit complete with added accessories
Mytee 8400DX Dry Upholstery Tool includes:

  • Mytee Carrying Pack made of water resistant, closed-cell neoprene material
  • Mytee kneeling foam pad
  • 15ft. flexible Hose-n-Hose
  • Cuff-Lynx™ Hose Connector
  • 1.5″ vinyl cuff barb to barb fitting
  • Preinstalled, High Velocity Glides for edge and piping cleaning enhancement
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