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Mytee System Maintainer for Carpet Extractors

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Extends the life of your carpet extractor by conditioning internal components

A Mytee Hot Water Carpet Extractor is one of the best investments you can make if you detail cars for living or work at a production detail shop/car dealership. Protect your investment with Mytee System Maintainer for Carpet Extractors. Regularly adding this solution to your carpet extractor ensures maximum operating efficiency.

Mytee System Maintainer for Carpet Extractors minimizes lime buildup, allowing you to keep your carpet extractor’s heaters running at maximum temperature. By adding the solution to your carpet extractor’s tank every week, you’ll also keep the lines clean and free of hard water and chemical buildup. This improves pump life, performance and pressure.

For use with: All hot and cold water extractors, sprayers and injectors.

32 oz.



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