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New England Mini Wheel Brush

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Clean deep inside even the most intricate wheels!

Say goodbye to scrubbing spoke wheels with your wash sponge – there’s a better way to clean! The New England Mini Wheel Brush is the answer to cleaning intricate wire and spoke wheels, without raw knuckles or dirty fingernails.

The nine-inch, conical wheel brush not only looks good, but it works like a charm. Stiff bristles spiral down to a tapered end—designed to slip between wheels and agitate dirt and grime.

Four inches of scrubbing power on a five inch maple handle results in sparkling clean wheels. The Mini Wheel Brush is intended for use on hard to clean mesh wheels. A protective cap covers the tip of the brush, preventing damage to your wheels or rotor. This attractive brush has a leather thong for hanging the brush between uses.

The bristles of this petite brush are sturdy enough to loosen baked-on grime, but they won’t scratch the wheel surface.

Keep your hands and your wheels beautifully clean with the New England Mini Wheel Brush!

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