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New England Wash Brush

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New England Wash Brushe

Designed to harmlessly swish away dirt particles as you wash!
The New England Auto Brushe is a unique tool for washing your car. Unlike wash mitts and sponges, you don’t have to immerse your hand in the soapy water again and again, thanks to the 8 ˝” handle, with a deflector ring near the bristles that keeps water from running the length of the handle and up your arm as you wash. If you don’t like to get wet along with your car, you’ll want this brush.

Its classic design looks tasteful when hanging in the garage by its leather strap. The brush is constructed of finished maple. The contoured handle fits nicely in your palm. High quality bristles stand nearly three inches high and cover a surface of nine inches by three inches, delivering greater surface coverage with each sweep. You’ll feel the difference in these top-of-the-line bristles—no abrasion, only gentleness to your car’s finish.

Dirt is whisked away rather than ground into the delicate clearcoat. The brush’s end is protected by a soft, cotton cushion, or scrub pad, that serves dual purpose: It prevents damage to your car in case of accidental slip-ups; and it safely scrubs away grime that may be to stubborn for the flexible bristles.


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