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Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Orange Microfiber Bonnets 2 Pack

Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Orange Microfiber Bonnets 2 Pack

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Cobra Deluxe Microfiber Bonnets are now available in assorted colors to avoid cross-contamination!

Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets will make buffing a breeze using your dual action orbital polisher. The premium “ultra microfiber” – the industry’s best microfiber – grabs wax and polish residue to leave the paint clean and glossy.

These six-inch Cobra microfiber bonnets are well-made, reversible, and machine washable. With a 70/30 blend, they are super soft and gentle on all paint finishes. These bonnets fit very snugly on the 6.5” foam pads, so we recommend using a 5.5 inch pad or a 6 inch lambswool leveling pad underneath the bonnet. Either way, they are superior at removing products, polishing and shining.

Microfiber is an engineered material that has an electric charge that attracts negatively charged particles. This electric charge makes microfiber superior at removing hazed products without leaving the telltale white dust. Plus, these Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets are 70% polyester and 30% polyester, the softest microfiber blend available.

The pros know you should never use the same bonnet to buff away both polish and wax, since polishes contain abrasives that may transfer back to the paint. Cobra bonnets are available in multiple colors to help you prevent cross-contamination. Use one color bonnet for wax removal and use a different color for polish removal. By color-coating your bonnets, you’ll never risk marring a perfect wax job by reintroducing polish residue from a used bonnet.

Use a microfiber bonnet for sealants like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. For heavier products, like cleaner waxes, use a terry bonnet to remove the majority of the haze. Then follow up with a microfiber bonnet to remove any haze and to buff the paint to a gorgeous shine.

When using a microfiber bonnet to remove polish or wax, be aware of how much product the surface of the bonnet has collected. When it becomes caked, you’ll need to flip the bonnet inside out to get the best performance.

Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets are the safest and easiest way to buff your vehicle to a deep, glossy shine!

Cobra Microfiber Bonnets come 2 in each package. COLOR MAY VARY

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