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Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush

Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush

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Pamper your special vehicle with genuine boar’s hair!

Boar’s hair has been used throughout history in the production of brushes. Interestingly, the neck hair of a boar was used to make tooth brushes up until the invention of synthetic bristles in the 1930’s. No offense to the boar but we’d rather use his hair to wash our cars than to brush our teeth!

The Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is our incarnation of a long-standing tool used by detailers and hobbyists to give their vehicles a luxurious wash. Why luxurious? The shear number of individual hairs, their texture, and the careful construction of this brush make it a rare treat for both the driver and his or her vehicle. You’ll never go back to ordinary mitts or sponges once you use the genuine Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brush!

A Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is one of the safest ways to wash your vehicle. Boar’s hair is surprisingly soft and its durability is unmatched by any other natural hair. It sheds less than other natural hairs used in brushes and it retains its shape better than other hairs.

Our Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is packed with four hundred hairs per bundle. Boar’s hair is naturally feathered at the ends but our bristles are flagged (split) one more time before being affixed to the heavy duty plastic handle. The tight bundles of hair ensure that the bristles remain sturdy as they gently whisk away dirt and grime from your vehicle.

The brush may leave a few hairs here and there on your vehicle; don’t be concerned. Like any natural hair, boar’s hair sheds (though much less than horse hair). Just rinse the stray hairs off. They won’t scratch.

Each of the dense bundles of hair is permanently secured to a 12” molded plastic handle. The handle is comfortable to hold and easy to handle. Glide over glass, paint, and metal – the brush will not scratch! The Montana Original Boar’s Hair Brush provides ample room for dirt to move away from the paint surface, rather than being rubbed into it. Plus, a boar’s hair brush holds more soapy water than a mitt or even a nylon brush.

Depend on the safety, the durability, and the shear luxury of the Montana Original Boar’s Hair Wash Brush to clean your vehicle beautifully!

Made in U.S.A.

Detailing Tip: Soak your boar's hair wash brush in soapy water for a few minutes before use to make the hairs even softer and more pliable!

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