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Dual Action Bonnet Kit

Dual Action Bonnet Kit

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Bonnets work with your Porter Cable 7424XP or other dual action polisher!

Once you’ve washed your vehicle, polished it, and applied that important layer of wax, what are you going to use to buff your paint to the most impressive shine possible? You could buff it by hand, but wax removal can be rough on your arm. Instead, slip an elastic bonnet over a lambswool pad and let your polisher do the work for you.

Our bonnets are perfect for buffing your paint to a brilliant shine. These microfiber bonnets are super soft. They can be used to remove polish and for the final gentle buffing. To keep your bonnet supply well-stocked, we’ve put together the Dual Action Microfiber Bonnet Kit. This kit contains eight 70/30 bonnets and a lambswool leveling pad. All these bonnets measure 6” in diameter and are suitable for a 6 – 6.5 inch pad on a 5 inch backing plate.

These reversible, 70/30 microfiber bonnets are 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. The higher percentage of polyamide means that these are the softer of the two possible varieties of microfiber. These bonnets are outstanding for final buffing. They will attract excess dust created by removing dried products and buff your vehicle to a brilliant shine. The thousands of silky soft fingers massage the paint to remove products and enhance the gloss.

Microfiber is perfect for buffing because it will attract any dust created by wax haze and leave your paint beautifully clean and clear. The silky fibers will never scratch or swirl your clear coat. Use the bonnet over the leveling pad to provide proper cushioning between your paint and the backing plate.

Wash your microfiber bonnets in warm water in your washing machine. Use Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator, but do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat.

The Lambswool Leveling Pad is the perfect cushion underneath a bonnet. The thick, fluffy material protects your paint from the hard edges of the backing plate as you buff. Hook and loop backing allows you to secure the pad to the backing plate without slipping. Do not use the leveling pad without a bonnet unless you are doing some serious compounding. Lambswool alone is intended to level pitted, oxidized paint. Keep it covered with a bonnet for gentle buffing and polishing.

Note: Bonnets can also be used over our 6 inch foam pads.

This nine-piece Dual Action Microfiber Bonnet Kit will have you buffing for months, maybe longer, without replacing a bonnet!

Kit includes:
8 70/30 bonnets BONNET COLOR MAY VARY
1 lambswool leveling pad

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Made in Korea.

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