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Customer Comments

Customer Comments
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Customer Comments:

• "I am sending these pictures go into the photo gallery because they prove how amazing this product truly is. This car had never been waxed since it was purchased. It definitely needed some protection being a heavily used daily driver. I tried out the Wolfgang series on it and WOW!! AMAZING results!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to test these products! This car truly is a testament to your products!"

"These pictures prove that you products can restore the showroom finish leaving a "wet-look", clarity, amazing reflections, and the hard to obtain sparkle in a metallic. The best product for metallic paints that I have ever used - and I have tried many many many products!! Once again Thank you for the opportunity to test these products." Sincerely, Kevin Tilley

"Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note about the Wolfgang sealant. I have been a Zaino user for several years now and always though it provided the best shine and protection for my cars. When I see new products come out, I am always skeptical of the product claims. Wolfgang was no different, so I only ordered just the sealant to give the product a shot without unloading for the whole line. However, I just tried the Wolfgang last night and applied 2 coats initially. WOW!!! Absolutely incredible! I must say that the shine and slickness are very very impressive. Since I've just used it I hope durability will be about on par with products like Zaino or Klasse. If this is true, Wolfgang has become my new product of choice. Honestly, I was such a diehard Zaino "zombie" that I thought I would never find another product to even equal it, much less beat it! Well, I am so impressed with the Wolfgang sealant that I absolutely cannot stop looking at and feeling the car. After 1 or 2 coats of the Wolfgang sealant, my dark red Infiniti G35 shines better and is much slicker than when it has 30 coats of Zaino. And the ease of use of the WG sealant is unmatched. It buffs off so effortlessly for a sealant!

Bottom line, you guys have created an outstanding product in Wolfgang, and when I get a chance, I will definitely have to try other WG products. It's pretty hard to impress a perfectionist, but I think the standard has just been raised with the WG. Keep up the great work guys!!" Mike, Very happy WG user

"It has become my product of choice on black. It replaces my previous favorites: Zaino & S100.

IMO is does everything that Meguiar's NXT promised to do, but didn't live up to.

It's very easy to use and leaves a great shine with amazing depth and slickness." Zana O. Lubbock, TX

"The Pre-Wax Polish Enhancer and Deep Gloss Paint Sealant are easily two of the most easy to use products I've ever used. The word ,"effortless", kept coming to mind while applying. All this and the amazing finish make Wolfgang Car Care products a great value. Thanks!"

"Yes, I will be purchasing more I really like the stuff its so easy to use. I use zaino right now and I'm really thinking about switching over. I just need to find out how to take the zaino off my paint. The things I like is that it goes on and off so easy much better than zaino and you don't have to wait hours to remove it like zaino and now mixing. So far with one coat it looks better than zaino!"

"Here are the pics of my black BMW after using your pre-wax polish and sealant. I loved the car wash bathe great on the car and removed the dirt with ease. Pre-wax was easy to use but left a some what hazy smoky look that I had to really buff to get off. The sealant was again easy to use, but to me had a oily finish to it. Almost like a Zaino feel to it. On dark colors its hard to get the car prefect no smudges and finger prints. Other than that the product is a keeper for me and thanks for letting me in a the free trail threw detail city. You can read my elevation thread there if you want." Dave's Detailing, Sonoma County CA

"This product rocks , never have I been so impressed with any one product. You've created the perfect paint protection system , it has all the postive features of many products on the market but none of their flaws! I am making Wolfgang my first choice for paint protection on all my customers vehicles. Thanks for taking the time to listen to us consumers and make such a great product." Doug L. Detail Barn

"I've been a Zaino user for some time now.

Having finished the Wolfgang process on my son's 90 Civic--which was a definite hardship case--I noted that it looked as good as my car with its Zaino finish. It really brought a 14-year-old paint job back to life.

The pre-wax preparation product really added a lot of depth to the final sealant application.

Durability has yet to be tested, but I'm very impressed with its appearance. Given the ease of application, if durability were to turn out to be less than the class leaders, it would be easy enough to reapply (maybe a 45-minute process max)." Russell S. Woodstown, NJ.


Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang - Jay, G.