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Cobra Total Microfiber Tool Kit

Cobra Total Microfiber Tool Kit

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Detail with the proper tools!

The Total Microfiber Tool Kit contains an assortment of Cobra microfiber tools to help you dust, polish and buff like a pro. Microfiber has a magnetic charge that draws dust and dirt into the fibers while absorbing any moisture that may be on your vehicle. You’ll find a million and one uses for the tools and towels found here.

This kit contains:

Cobra Supreme Guzzler, 20 x 40 inches
The Supreme Guzzler is 20% thicker than our original waffle weave towel to give it an even greater capacity for moisture. At approximately 5.5 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! As if that weren’t enough, the towel now has a silky satin edge all the way around! The satin edge covers the exposed stitching to eliminate any risk of the thread scratching the paint.

Cobra Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
The Cobra Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt is made of thin microfibers woven into plump, caterpillar-like strands that are both absorbent and nonabrasive. This mitt is softer than the finest sheepskin mitt and it has the incredible absorption of microfiber. You can depend on the Blue Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt to wash your vehicle gently time after time.

4 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads, 4 x 6 inches (color may vary)
With over 200,000 strands of advanced microfibers per square inch, nothing matches its ability to remove dirt, residues, and surface oxidation. An 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend of “split” weave fibers, 100 times finer than a human hair, ensure smooth and even wax distribution. This advanced microfiber fabric is a lint free material. Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads are angel hair soft, and completely non-abrasive, so they are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces. The outer surface of the Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad has all the qualities you’ve come to expect from the finest in microfiber technology. The gentle, yet strong fabric is wrapped snuggly around a plush, absorbent sponge. This innovative combination of materials causes wax, polish, dressings, and sealants to spread more evenly, resulting in maximum coverage while using less emulsion.

2 Super Soft Deluxe Microfiber Towels with Rolled Edges, 16 x 16 inches
Super Soft Deluxe Microfiber Towels are everything you expect from a fine detailing towel and more. Each 75/25 microfiber towel is highly absorbent. The soft fibers are excellent at polishing, buffing, and cleaning. Dampen the Super Soft Deluxe with water to turn it into an all-purpose cleaning towel. Use it dry to quickly dust off your interior surfaces. Buff your vehicle when applying spray wax. The options are endless!

Care of Microfiber Products:
These products are easy to wash using your favorite detergent. Toss them right into the washing machine for easy care. Just be sure to wash them separately, to keep them lint free. As with all microfiber products, never expose them to fabric softener. Fabric softener will reduce their static properties and cause the microfiber to clean/spread less effectively. They can be line dried or machine dried on low setting, again, separately from other laundry.

Kit includes:
1 Cobra Supreme Guzzler
1 Cobra Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
4 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads
2 Super Soft Deluxe Microfiber Towels with Rolled Edges

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Made in Korea.

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