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Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge 2 Pack

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Gentle bug removal from paintwork, metal, and glass.

The Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge is a dual-sided scrubber and foam sponge in one. Use the textured side to release the bugs from the surface of your vehicle. Then flip the sponge to wipe away the loose debris. The Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge has soft, honey-comb pores that are gentle on all automotive surfaces.

Bugs are a daily challenge here in Florida, especially during love bug season. Imagine driving through a blizzard of little black bugs every time you get behind the wheel. Many of the casualties end up on the glass, but don’t turn on the wipers! The wipers will smear the mess across your windshield and no amount of washer fluid is going to remove it.

The Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge is the very best tool I’ve found to remove bugs from glass, and any other surface, without scratching. I feel comfortable using this sponge on bright metalwork and glass because the honey-comb cells are soft. They give easily under pressure, meaning they will conform to the shape of the surface. The cells also provide plenty of space for loose debris to hide. If it’s inside the sponge, it is not being rubbed against your vehicle’s glass or paint.

The Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge has a softer side, too. The soft foam side is great for giving the surface a final wipe after you’ve scrubbed to loosen the bugs with the textured side.

Use soapy water to lubricate the Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge. It absolutely will not scratch any automotive surface, even clear coats, chrome, and glass.

Note: It is important to remove bugs as soon as possible. Acids produced by the bugs’ bodies will eat through waxes and sealants, possibly etching the paint. Clean the leading edges of your vehicle early and often to keep bugs from making a lasting impression.

The Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge comes in packs of 2. It works just as well on boats, RVs, and motorcycles.

Safely remove bugs from all automotive surfaces with the soft, dual-sided Pinnacle Professional Bug Sponge.

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