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Pittards Dry Soft Chamois

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The world’s gentlest chamois!

Nothing beats the soft, sensuous feel of top quality 100% chamois leather. Ultra soft and absorbent, chamois have been a traditional method of pampering cars while drying for years. It won’t scratch the paint or clear coat when you dry, won’t leave behind residue, and this particular chamois from Pittards dries soft, every time you use it!

Pittards of England is a world-wide supplier of the highest performance leather to companies such as Doc Martens, Addidas and Timex. They also manufacture their own line of luxurious gloves, shoes and other leather goods. Pittards has innovated many technologically advanced leathers. As far as I know, Pittards is the only company in the world that utilizes a top-secret tanning process to make a chamois that, magically, doesn’t harden when it dries! If you’re familiar with chamois, this is unheard of. Their chamois is the gentlest on Earth, made of the highest quality sheepskin leather. Chamois are cured in cod oil, which gives them their softness and pliability.
Other chamois harden as they dry, as the cod oil is rinsed away and the fibers become dehydrated. Leather is like skin; it needs to be moisturized to retain its suppleness. Pittards has found a means of keeping the leather hydrated throughout countless uses. Even so, the best way to care for this chamois, like other chamois, is to rinse it thoroughly after use, wring out the excess water, and store it in a sealed plastic bag or crisper in the refrigerator. If your chamois needs washed, use warm water and a small amount of powdered soap.

I like using natural products on my car when possible, and you can’t get any more natural than a sea sponge wash followed by a chamois dry. Use Wolfgang natural environmentally friendly products and know you are doing good for our Earth.

Pittards Dry-soft chamois is the best money can buy. Sheer pleasure!

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Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang - Jay, G.