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Porter Cable 7424 Flat Wrench

Porter Cable 7424 Flat Wrench

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If you have a Porter Cable 7424 dual action polisher, you also have the wrench that comes with it to remove the backing plate. Unless it got lost in a sea of other wrenches and screw drivers somewhere in the dark recesses of your garage. It’s always the specialized tools that get lost first, so now we offer a replacement wrench for the Porter Cable 7424 and 7336 dual-action polishers.

This flat wrench comes with the machine. It is used to remove the original polishing pad/backing plate that comes on the Porter Cable dual-action polisher. If you lose the original, we stock this replacement wrench for your convenience. This wrench fits 7424 and 7336 dual-action polishers.

If you lose the replacement, don’t worry. We have plenty more where that came from.

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